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These goals have been set by Starfleet Command for the United Earth Starfleet Community in order to help ensure forward movement in our development. These goals were last updated on 3 MAY 2021. Anyone interested in assisting in the development of the community and our canon is more than welcome to indicate interest to any member of Starfleet Command.

Recurring Monthly Goals

One Month (June 2021)

  • Establish Canon Specs for NX-Type Ship – In progress (Past Due MAY)
  • Review nova to update any Antares to UES references – Completed
  • Begin addition to 2160 Timeline Entry, Prepare for moving to 2160 – Completed

Three Months (August 2021)

  • Starfleet Command IC Post (July 2021)
  • Complete Wiki Theme Customization (July 2021)
  • Begin work on first contact list (already have canon list) how it’ll defer from canon and where allegiances may lie between Vulcan and Earth, etc.
  • Review/Update Award System
  • Recruit AGM, Social Media Team
  • New Antares Mission started, moved timeline into 2161.
  • New Manifest Design (Contacted Anodyne Xtras Creator)

Six Months (November 2021)

Nine Months (February 2022)

  • Complete research on additional ships that would be in service around the years 2160-2162 and complete specifications.
  • Begin research of new class to be in development IC – to launch first “USS” ship and UFOP level tech without UFOP.
  • Update timeline with activity as necessary.
  • Review of the entire timeline to enhance to be more “worded” than a list with images.

One Year (May 2022)

  • Review community rules.