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January 1st, 2134 – Creation of Starfleet

On January 1st, 2134 Starfleet was officially launched by the government of United Earth. Starfleet would replace the United Earth Space Probe Agency being responsible as a branch of the military for not only exploration but also the safety and protection of Earth and Earth flagged vessels in the galaxy.

All UESPA assets and additional assets from other military branches including the Army, Navy, and Air Force was transferred to Starfleet.

Apri 16th, 2151 – Launch of Enterprise (NX-01)

Despite the objections of the Vulcan High Command, the Enterprise launches early to return a Klingon to Qo’noS.

June 2151 – Contact Re-established with Terra Nova

Re-established contact with the lost Terra Nova colony for the first time in 70 years.

June 19, 2151 – The “Andorian Incident”

An armed contingent of Andorians, led by Commander Shran, occupy the Vulcan monastery P’Jem. The Andorians accuse the Vulcans of hiding a long-range sensor array at the monastery, used for spying on Andoria. Turns out, they weren’t wrong. Captain Archer had Subcommander T’Pol hand over complete scans of the facility to Shran.

July 2151

Vulcan ship Ti’Mur observes Enterprise as it investigates a large comet. It’s established that Vulcans possess tractor beam technology. T’Pol decides to eschew her marriage in favor of continuing on with Enterprise.

July 31, 2151

First contact with pre-warp civilization, the Akaali. First contact with Malurians, who were mining the Akaali planet and in turn poisoning the water supply. [Alpha canon note: Malurian civilization later wiped out by Nomad probe in 2267. TOS: “The Changeling”]

October 2151

Andorians have reportedly destroyed P’Jem. Believing that Enterprise is partly responsible, Soval tells Admiral Forrest that Earth-Vulcan fleet operations are suspended and that he’s returning to Vulcan. The Vulcan High Command recalls T’Pol to Vulcan. While on a mission to Coridan, T’Pol takes fire to save Captain Sopek, who was sent to escort her home. Sopek appeals to the High Command on her part.

The Andorians continue to claim that the Vulcans are preparing for war. The Vulcans claim that the Andorians have violated the Tau Ceti Accords.

After February 20, 2152

Soval recommended cancellation of the Enterprise program, calling the mission a danger to the quadrant. He cites escalation of Vulcan tensions with the Andorians among his reasons. Despite T’Pol’s appeal to the Vulcans, the High Command would not budge on their position. The Vulcan High Command also refutes any evidence that the Suliban had involvement in the incident destroying the Paraagan II colony. Admiral Forrest and the Starfleet Command Council propose to distance their relationship with the Vulcans.

October 30, 2152

The Weytahn/Paan Mokar incident: At Commander Shran’s request, Archer is sent to broker an agreement between the Andorians and Vulcans over a territorial dispute. Soval and Shran represent their respective sides. In a brief conflict on the planetoid’s surface, Soval is wounded. After a brief face-off, a cease-fire is negotiated but the matter isn’t fully settled.

February 2153

Commander Charles “Trip” Tucker III is served with a notice of dismissal for interference with a Vissian cogenitor, resulting in its death.

April 24, 2153

Xindi weapon fires on Earth, targeting an area from Florida to Venezuela, killing seven million. Tucker is among the casualties.

Soval recommends against authorizing a mission to find the Xindi homeworld in the Delphic Expanse. Starfleet Command gives the go-ahead anyway.

T’Pol resigns her commission in order to continue her work aboard the NX-01. (Her Starfleet service is still not formalized at this time.)

September 23, 2153

The Vulcan cruiser Seleya is discovered adrift in the Expanse. The surviving crew is irreversibly affected by trellium poisoning to the point of homicidal insanity. T’Pol is similarly affected (triggering a debilitating trellium addiction). Enterprise takes whatever trellium they can; the Seleya is destroyed.

October 12, 2153

A 19th century “Old West” style human colony is discovered in the Delphic Expanse. They are the ancestors of Americans who were abducted by the Skagarans and used as slave labor. The humans overthrew and subjugated the “Skags.” Archer brokers a truce between the humans and the Skagarans and tells Sheriff MacReady that he’ll tell Earth they’re there.

December 6, 2153

Shran shows up in the Expanse to assist Enterprise. (He’s quick to point out that the Vulcans have left the humans high and dry.) The Andorians beam over to assist with repairs; they also provide an advanced antimatter injector, improved sensor data, and they bump up Enterprise’s phase cannon efficiency to 94%. This cooperation a charade to get their little, blue hands on the Xindi weapon prototype so they’ll have tactical leverage over the Vulcans. The weapon is activated by Archer and the Andorians jettison it into space before it explodes. Someone from the Andorian ship sent Enterprise a copy of the detailed scans they took before the weapon was destroyed.

February 14, 2154

The new version of the Xindi weapon is en-route to Earth. Shran’s ship shows up to assist Enterprise and its Xindi allies against the Xindi-Reptilians. The Andorians actively take part in battling the Reptilians and clear a path to the weapon and Shran destroys the Reptilian flagship. The Xindi weapon is destroyed. (No thanks to the Vulcans.)

May 1, 2154

In a debriefing with Starfleet Command and the Vulcan High Command, Soval notes that Enterprise destroyed the Seleya without sufficient attempts to save the crew. Archer lashes out at the Vulcans and chastises them for their absence during the Xindi crisis. Admiral Forrest attempts to keep the peace in the meeting, to no avail. T’Pol returns to Vulcan where she reunites with her mother and marries Koss. Departing from alpha canon, there is no mutual apology between Soval and Archer.

June 2154

Admiral Forrest arrives on Vulcan in the hope that Starfleet can mend its partnership with the High Command. In a conversation with Soval at the UE Embassy, Forrest learns that Soval has not been consulted by the council. Suddenly, a bomb explodes nearby—both men perish. Enterprise arrives to investigate the bombing. Administrator V’Las meets with Archer and presents two theories: the bomb was planted by Andorians or it was planted by a radical Vulcan sect, the Syrrannites. The DNA recovered matches a Syrrannite, T’Pau. UE pulls its delegation from Vulcan and the High Command takes over the investigation.

T’Pol and Archer go in search of the Syrrannites, who are harboring T’Pau and T’Pol’s mother. The High Command attacks the Syrrannite outpost with no survivors. The Kir’Shara is lost and the High Command’s Orthodox brand of Vulcan logic remains mainstream. The High Command, which has been manipulated by the Romulans through V’Las, continues with their plans to attack Andoria. The Romulans are planning a military “reunification” of Vulcan. With Vulcan still within their reach, the Romulans aren’t so focused on destabilizing the region. The Earth-Romulan War never breaks out.

The High Command forcibly escorts Enterprise out of their sector, effectively ending what remains of the Earth-Vulcan alliance.

Believing that the Andorians have a prototype of the Xindi weapon, the Vulcan’s mount an attack on Andoria. [In this timeline, because Soval is dead, he is not around to tip-off Enterprise and Shran of these plans.] The Vulcan fleet assembled near Regulus, out of range of the Andorians’ listening stations, then advanced into Andorian space. The fleet encountered Imperial Guard vessels before reaching the icy moon and a skirmish broke out. Already en-route back to Earth, Enterprise turns around in response to an Andorian distress call. By the time they show up to bolster Andoria’s showing, each side had significant casualties. The appearance of the NX-01 caused the Vulcans to fall back, withdrawing back to their space.

Relations remain hostile between Andoria and Vulcan.

November 12, 2154

Because the Romulans still have a hold on the Vulcan High Command, they aren’t focused on destabilization. They have not launched their drone program and do not attack Shran’s ship. Enterprise proceeds to Babel One with the Tellarite delegation without incident. New trade treaties are signed between Tellar and Andoria, though interpersonal relations remain brusque.

November 27, 2154

Columbia (NX-02) launches.

Challenger (NX-03) launches with Captain Eugene Cavett as its commanding officer.

Discovery (NX-04) launches.

Klingons face an outbreak of the augment virus.


Starfleet launches the Deep Space Rescue Program (DSR) under the leadership of Captain Annett Matthews. Design of a refit NX-Type to be developed to be larger than previous NX-Type ships and is slated for NX-10.


Launch of Atlantis (NX-05), increase production at new stardock at Mars.

April 11, 2156

Costel Alin and Viorica Renna arrive on Earth with a group of Vissians sent as a diplomatic delegation and officer exchange.


Launch of Endeavour (NX-06) and Intrepid (NX-07), Begin Design of NX12 Upgrades which will be a larger and faster NX-Type vessel. DSR Program re-designates refit to NX-11 due to the design of a new modular ship system early in the year. The Keel would be laid for the NX-11 (still unnamed) later in the year.


Launch of Falcon (NX-08) and Aquarius (NX-09)


Launch of Oddyssey (NX-10) and Deep Space Rescue Ship Antares (NX-11) the largest NX-Type ship in size by two decks.


  • January  Commission of Eagle (NX-12) which is designated as Starfleet’s new Flagship commanded by Captain Eugene Cavett.
  • June Eagle (NX-12) departs for its first mission after completion of final trials and maintenance cycle.
  • July – Eagle (NX-12) is rerouted to assist an Earth Cargo Authority vessel Hudson River which was attacked by Klingons. The Klingons were searching for the deceased Captain Archer.
  • August Eagle NX-12 is sent on behalf of United Earth to make contact with the Paraagan homeworld the first contact with the species after the destruction of the colony Paraagan II by the Suliban in which the Enterprise (NX-01) was originally suspected. Contact went well and Paraagan accepted the gift of a new Communications Relay that would enable them to make contact with Earth via subspace.
  • October The Mining Operation on the moon Terra Nova B has dropped all communication with reports from the colony Terra Nova. The Antares (NX-11) has been dispatched to investigate. While en route to the colony to effect operations the ship had a major engineering casualty causing a fire, crew casualties, and loss of EPS systems throughout an entire deck of the ship. When arriving at the colony a major disaster occurred in the mine which destroyed the dome’s atmosphere and only personnel able to easily reach safety equipment were able to survive. Rescue operations quickly converted to recovery operations after about forty-eight hours.
  • November Eagle (NX-12) is dispatched to check the Communication's Relay, Echo 4, which has gone offline without warning. The relay had been recently upgraded by Engineers while en route to a new colony located at Mineiros. When the crew arrives at the location of the relay only a debris field is found. It was obviously destroyed and by an unfamiliar weapons signature. When Captain Cavett attempts to make contact with the colonial government on Mineiros and no response is received the Eagle responds at Emergency Warp. Upon arriving at the colony they find it in ruins and are unable to determine who attacked it.
  • December Antares (NX-11) returns to Earth Stardock and begins emergency repairs and undergoes an engine refit.


  • 5 January – Apollo Base (FOB-1) is commissioned as Starfleet first Starbase and is stationed in orbit of the planet where the P’Jem Monistary was located along the Andorian-Vulcan border. Also commissioned was the Treaty Enforcement Group 1 and along with it Starfleet Intelligence’s first forward-deployed detachment and an experimental fighter unit.
  • 12 January – Antares (NX-11) completes its emergency repairs and refit and is now capable of Warp 6 and is now the second vessel to hold that capability.