List of NX-Type Vessels

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Starfleet set off to name their NX Class vessels after the NASA Space Shuttles however upon reaching NX-07 they ran out of usable names. The plan to continue using NASA spacecraft names for the future vessels of the class was quickly approved and moved to the Apollo program where Earth first left orbit. However as the names of the spacecraft were chosen by the crews assigned to the mission the names such as Snoopy, Charlie Brown, and Yankee Clipper were elected to be unused and no specific order was used.

  • NX-01 Enterprise (Commissioned April 2151)
  • NX-02 Columbia (Commissioned 2154)
  • NX-03 Challenger (Commissioned 2154)
  • NX-04 Discovery (Commissioned 2154)
  • NX-05 Atlantis (Commissioned 2156)
  • NX-06 Endeavour (Commissioned 2157)
  • NX-07 Intrepid (Commissioned 2157)
  • NX-08 Falcon (Commissioned 2158)
  • NX-09 Aquarius (Commissioned 2158)
  • NX-10 Odyssey (Commissioned 2159)
  • NX-11 Antares (Deep Space Rescue Variant) (Commissioned 2159)
  • NX-12 Eagle (Warp 6 Capable Refit Variant) (Commissioned 2160) – Starfleet Flagship