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Member Rights & Responsibilities

All members of United Earth Starfleet (UES) are entitled to the same and fair treatment regardless of their status within the organization. All members are expected to have mutual respect for each other. While constructive criticism is encouraged, being rude and being intolerant is not acceptable.

In an effort to maintain a safe and friendly role-playing environment discrimination and harassment have no place within the organization. Any person, regardless of their race, color, national origin, age, religion, disability status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, genetic information or marital status are welcomed within the community.

  • Member – Defined as any person or persons utilizing any United Earth Starfleet’s official services or joining any simulation that is under her banner.
  • Members must be eighteen years of age or older to participate in UES.

Activity Requirements

  • All members of United Earth Starfleet, regardless of position, are required to login to the system at the very least once every seventy-two (72) hours and to update any joint posts they are involved in unless otherwise stated between those involved. It is expected that each member have part in at least one post completed per fourteen days. As we understand that this is a hobby and not a game, a leave of absence may be declared by a member at anytime. Any member who routinely disregards the activity requirements or have received complaints from other members regarding lack of activity may be removed from active membership.
  • All members of the crew will also be expected to participate in the Out of Character community and development of the sim. All members are required to join and are highly encouraged to participate in our Discord sever as often as possible.
  • If a person wishing to take on a minor role with reduced activity requirements may contact the Game Master. Requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis and requires approval by the Game Staff.

Leave of Absence

While this is a great hobby, it is a hobby nonetheless and sometimes we have other things that need to be accomplished. While we do have specific activity guidelines that we expect members to follow, we understand that sometimes you cannot participate and ask that all members communicate their needs to the Game Staff.

  • Leave of Absence – A period of up to fourteen (14) days of no or restricted activity.
  • Extended Leave of Absence – A period of no less than fourteen (14) days of no or restricted activity lasting up until one (1) month. Any ELOA that extends past one (1) month of time must be approved by the GM.
  • Hiatus – A member in good standing for at least three (3) months may request a hiatus in place of resignation. A Hiatus is an indefinite leave of absence in which the character will be removed from the Antares, however the member will retain access to the community and may return at anytime with the same character or a new one based on availability or preference.

Starfleet Command may approve a member requesting an Extended Leave of Absence this status if they do not meet the time requirement for good standing. In this case, the member will have a deadline to return or their membership will be terminated.

Quality of Writing

Please remember that while this is a fiction, we aim to have a high quality storyline written in the novel style. Please remember that while we as writers are privileged to know what is going on at all times, characters would only be aware of things if told or present and can't mind read. In addition, this game is based off a military organization. Characters do not have to follow all orders or regulations and procedures, however, should those characters be caught, IC punishment is applicable.

UES Staff

  • The Staff is led by the “Game Master” or "GM: who is the founder of UES, Owner, and Chief Administrator. All positions and personnel appointed are at the discretion of the GM.
  • Members of the UES Staff and any additional community members appointed by the staff serve as the administrators and moderators of the community.
  • Chain of command will follow a logical succession of positional duties and then seniority unless otherwise noted.
  • UES Staff must be present and active participants in the community’s Discord server.

Canon & Intellectual Property

Canon Policy

The content of this database is to be considered “EagleVerse” canon and overrides any other source of canon as it applies to the writing on a United Earth Starfleet sim. If the content is not available or posted to this database content available on Memory Alpha shall take precedence. On a case, by case basis, other canon sources regarding the Star Trek universe may be used or other direction may be given by Starfleet Command or the Canon Council until such official content may be created. Any questions regarding canon should be brought to a member of the UES Staff.

Intellectual Property

Any creative content created and/or submitted for use by UES will become the intellectual property of UES and modified as used as the staff sees fit regardless of membership status. All content will be credited appropriately, however it will be the responsibility of the creator to ensure that contact information such as email addresses or website addresses are kept up to date.

Accepted Characters

Characters must be of an appropriate species to the era and alternate universe that occurs on UES Sims that would be a member of Starfleet. Please check the database for any references or contact a member of the staff for any questions regarding this policy. Accepted species include but are not limited to: Humans, Vissians, Denobulans, Vulcans (Outcasts/Refugees/Earth Sympathizers), and Risians. Please note that due to the nature and era of our community and our alternate universe, the staff reserves the right to and may restrict multiple characters within the same species, except of course Humans.

Characters who are genetically modified, have weird species combinations, or have “special abilities” will not be accepted. Human Augments and telepaths from non-telepathic species will not be considered. Species that are restricted from UES include, but are not limited to: Q, Borg, Breen, Androids, Xindi, Suliban, Bynar, species indigenous to the Gamma or Delta Quadrants, Species 8472, Romulans, Klingons, non-corporeal species, and non-humanoid species such as Tribble or Horta.

Starfleet and MACO operate as separate entities. As such, there is no crossover in their manifests.

Characters should be created so that their biography supports time in service, experience, and eligibility of rank required by the position. Please check the position description page on the UES nova for further information or contact a member of Starfleet Command.

Character Removals

  • Any member who resigns from a sim will note that their character may be used IC until it is convenient for them to leave the ship. This is done in order to maintain a good quality story with full continuity.
  • Any member who becomes inactive may be removed from their sim at discretion of the CO. If a member is removed their character may be used as an NPC as necessary until convenient to be removed in character.

Community Operational Policies

Official Staff Email Accounts

  • Members of Starfleet Command should use their official UES email account for all official business. This not only provides for professional representation for the organization but also promotes safety and security for the membership.
  • Email accounts specific to role shall not be used for sim membership but for UES staff duties only. Personal email accounts with a UES domain may be used for staff and personal matters including sim membership.
  • Commanding Officers and other staff may also be issued an official email address.


While United Earth Starfleet has members all over the world in order to keep everyone on the same page the official timezone used for any announcements will be the Eastern Standard or Eastern Daylight Savings Time. For the purpose of a world clock: New York, NY is the location that could be used to accurately depict time.